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The favourites of 2012 show
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Fun Spot
   Oh Well
  Billy F Gibbons
  Drag City
   Bad Lady Goes To Jail
  The Liminanas
   The Stone (Revolution)
  The Retribution Gospel Choir
  Sub Pop
   Please Write
  The White Wires
   By The Time November Comes
  The Bonnevilles
  Twenty Stone Blatt
   Don't Flatter Yourself
  Mrs Magician
   (They Found Me In The Back Of) The Galaxy
  The Intelligence
  In the Red
   Private Room
  Hardly Art
   This City Is Dead
  Sub Pop
   Your Close Friends
  Ike Gordon
   Screaming Skull
  King Tuff
  Sub Pop
   Thank God For The Sinners
  Ty Segall
  Drag City
   I Enjoy Being A Boy
  Mikal Cronin
  Trouble In Mind
   Before This Time Another Year
  Danny Kroha
  Social Music
   Get High
  Blasted Canyons
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