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Rock and Roll Hangover
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Life Is Hard
  El Rancho
   Vampire Punk
  The Mighty Fevers
  Goodbye Boozy
   I Hate The Rich
  The Dils
  Superior Viaduct
   Over The Edge
  The Wipers
  Man or Astroman?
  One Louder
   Lost In Music
  The Fall
   The Boys Are Back In Town
  Thin Lizzy
  Royal Trux
   Television's Over
  The Adverts
   I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
  unknown artist
   I've Got Everything Indeed
  The Mighty Caesars
   I Don't Mind
   Little Queenie
  Mud Boy and the Neutrons
  New Rose
   Who You Drivin' Now?
  Sub Pop
   I Swing
  The Coyote Men
   Goin' To A Town
  The Flat Duo Jets
   Rock and Roll Hangover
  Killer Bees
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