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I Can't Cope - Tigermask special
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Summer Fun
  Wipe Out
   That's Alright
  Mickie Most and The Gear
   Beautiful World
   (Join The) Hate Wave
  Total Punk
   That Other Life
  Alien Snatch
   Nobodys Baby
  Sheer Mag
  Static Shock
   Own up, Take A Look At Yourself
  The Sweet
   At The Edge
  Stiff Lidl Fingers
   Razors In The Night
  No Future
   I'll Cry
  Reigning Sound
   Let's go
  Gino and the Goons
  Black Gladiator
   Fun at The Beach
  The 'B' Girls
  The Boyfriends
  100% Pure Music
   Panama City Blues
  Larry And The Loafers
  Heart Recording
   Dig Boy Dig
  Freddie Hart
   Let's Work Together
  Canned Heat
   Sha La La La Lee
  Plastic Bertrand
   Radiation Masturbation
  The Authorities
  Get Hip Recordings
   I Can't Cope
   Heaven Only Knows
  No Good records
   Scene Report
  Night Marchers
   Liquid Hounds
  The Sueves
   Whole wide World
  Wreckless Eric
   I'm Gonna Punch You (in the face)
  The Child Molesters
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
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