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Anitmatter Man
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Electric Band
  Wild Flag
   Cindarella Sizzle
  Rainbow Gun Show
   Antimatter Man
  Man or Astroman?
   Teenage Adult
  Pissed Jeans
  Sub Pop
   Mystery Girl
  The Mono Men
   Stay Away From Downtown
  Redd Kross
  Sweet Nothing
   You Won't See Me
  In the Red
   Tanzen Gehn'
  The Dirtbombs
   Mystery Train
  Johnny Waleen
  Big Wedge
   Still As The Night
  Clint Blacklaw
  Big Wedge
   It's Been A While
  The White Wires
   Carry Home
  The Gun Club
   Little Town Flirt
  The Intelligence
  In the Red
   Speed To Roam
  Drag City
   I've Been Scorned
  The Staple Singers
   Dust Red
   Light Me
  Rocket From The Crypt
   Never Met a Girl Like You Before
  The Hentchmen
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