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Klingons vs Daleks
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Midnight To Six Man
  The Pretty Things
  The Keggs
   1523 Blair
  The Outcasts
   Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
  The Equals
   Goin' Away Baby
  Grains of Sand
   Everybody's Gonna To Be Happy
  The Kinks
   She Was Hot
  The Rolling Stones
  The Mono Men
  Demolition Derby
   Klingons vs Daleks
  The Phantom Surfers
  Planet Pimp
   In & Out
  The Brood
   Come on Santa
  The Hentchmen
   Sophisticated International Playboys Theme Song
  Untamed Youth
   Nomads of the Lost
  Trash Wax
   House of Wax
  Miss Destiny
   Down The Dustpipe
  Status Quo
   Do Something
  The Swingin' Yo Yo's
   Just Feel Worse
  The New Colony Six
   Bottle Up and Go
  The Mile Ends
   Stop and Think it Over
  Mary Weiss
   I Can Hear The Grass Grow
  The Move
   Themato il Cosmonato
  The Possessed Accordion of Alicia Rose
  Planet Pimp
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