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Sensitive Guy
The Saturday Shakedown
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   The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex
  Man or Astroman?
  One Louder
   When In Rome (Do The Jerk)
  Rocket From The Crypt
   One Way Ticket
  The Nerves
   Pursuit of the Leather Girls
  The Phantom Surfers
   She's A Star
  Baby Shakes
  lil' Chewy
   Hard Enough
  The Rubs
  Tall Pat
   'Til The Money Runs Out
  Jack O and the Sheikhs
  Red Lounge
   Rhythm and Booze
  The Gibson Bros
  Jonathan Richman
  Blue Arrow
   Under My Thumb
  The Rolling Stones
  Royal Trux
   Count Me Out
  The Jackhammers
  Hammer Damage
   Don't Talk About It
  Upset The Rhythm
   Take Me Back
  Danny Kroha
  Third Man
   Keep on Lovin Me
  The Screws
  In the Red
   What's A Heminger
  The Hemingers
  Magnetic South
   I Peaked In High School
  Sick Thoughts
  Dead Beat
   Not My Type
  The Phar'i-sees
   Nights X 9
  Slant 6
   Frankenstein Twist
  Lost Sounds
  In the Red
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