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Jim Spence plays 70s punk
The Saturday Shakedown
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   I Need You
  The Count Bishops
   Teenage Depression
  Eddie and the Hotrods
   Shut Up
  The Stranglers
  United Artists
   Flash and Crash
  Rocky and the Riddlers
  Beat Rocket
   Too Much Noise
  We The People
   Tallahassee Lassie
  Freddie Cannon
   Quick Joey Small
  Slaughter and the Dogs
   Slow Down
  The Jam
   This is Rock and Roll
  The Kids
  Rubber City Rebels
  Wizard in Vinyl
   TV Party
  Black Flag
   Eyes Without a Face
  The Flesheaters
   Try Try Try
  The Fluid
   School's Out
  The Spits
   Bombed Over Sixpackistan
  Live Fast Die
  Dead Beat
   Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore
  The Buzzcocks
   Up Front
  The Wipers
  Sub Pop
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