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Mother’s Tin Mustache
The Saturday Shakedown
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   California Street
  The Untamed Youth
   Breaking Loose
  The Number Ones
  Static Shock
   One Minute's Time
  The Wildebeests
  Dirty Water
   Well Worth Talkin About
  The Peechees
  GI Productions
   I Wanna Be Your Love
  Teenage Shutdown
   Mother's Tin Moustache
  Nobody's Children
   Back To School
  Bo Diddley
   I Ain't Guilty
  The Crawford Brothers
   Routine Mischief
  The Sensation Seekers
  Back To Beat
  New Berlin
  Goodbye Boozy
   Rubber City Rebels
  Rubber City Rebels
  Soul Jazz
  Damaged Goods
   You Broke My Heart (And I Broke Your Jaw)
  The Brentwoods
   Wildcat Tamer
  Tarheel Slim
   She Likes To Boogie Real Low
  Frankie Lee Sims
   Wow and Flutter
  Wreckless Eric
  Southern Domestic
   Don't Give Me No Lip
  The Wildebeests
  Dirty Water
   Night Time
  The Strangeloves
   Mother's Tin Moustache
  Nobody's Children
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