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Sunshine - Alextronic Guest Mix!!
The Saturday Shakedown
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   13 Going on 21
  Dead Moon
  Sub Pop
   Please be my Third Eye
  La Sera
  Hardly Art
   Sister Mary Motorcycle
  Girl Trouble
Summer Shakedown! Guest Mix from Alextronic
   Mr Ghost Goes To Town
  The 5 Jones Boys
  Clanka Lanka
   May the Circle Be Unbroken
  Spacemen 3
  Space Age
   CIA Man
  The Fugs
   Hard Workin' Man
  Captain Beefheart
   Goin' Down South
  R L Burnside
   The Clapping Song
  Shirley Ellis
  The Standells
   New York
  Jeff & Jane Hudson
  White Label
   Foggy Notion
  The Velvet Underground
Here Endeth the Lesson
   Live The Life
  The Oblivians
  Radar Eyes
   Did You Forget My Name?
  The White Wires
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