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The Saturday Shakedown
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   Ca Plane Pour Moi
  Plastic Bertrand
   Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  Thee Stash
  Shakin' Street
   Get Off My Cloud
  The Rolling Stones
   Black Sheep
  Reigning Sound
   Crosstown Traffic
  Jimi Hendrix Experience
   Atomic Punk
  Van Halen
  Warner Bros.
   Looking For My Baby
  Dwight Twilley
   The Kids Just Wanna Dance
  Fast Cars
   Sophisticated International Playboys Theme Song
  Untamed Youth
  The Senior Service
  Damaged Goods
   If The Bird Can Fly
  Rocket From The Crypt
  Flapping Jet
   The Traveller
  Archie and the Bunkers
   Some Other Guy
  The Hentchmen
  Third Man
   Dishin The Dirt
  The Thanes
  Dirty Water
   Boss Hoss
  The Sonics
   What Do I Get?
  United Artists
   Snob Is Beat
  The Phar'i-sees
   What More
  The Detroit Cobras
  Third Man
   No Love In War
  City Slang
  No Front Teeth
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