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w/ Eddy Current Suppression Ring guest mix
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Suicide Baby
  The Bellrays
  No Tomorrow
   This Perfect Day
  The Saints
   I'm Fed Up/Fallout Beach
  The Spits
  In the Red
   Automatic Jail
  Jacuzzi Boys
   Do You Mind
  The Limes
   City Slang
  The Hellacopters
  White Jazz
   Non Verbal Adjective Agreement
  The Fnords
  Korovox Sound
   Range Rats Theme
  Range Rats
   Walked into a Corner
  Eddy Current Suppression Ring
The Eddy Current Suppression Ring Guest Mix!!
   Heads or Tails
  The Troggs
   Wise Man at the Station
  Scott and Charlene's Wedding
  I dunno
   Rising Sun
  Medicine Head
   Sit Down Beside Me
  Chris Britton
  Page One
Here endeth the Guest Mix
  The Music Machine
  Big Beat
   This Mystic Decade
  The Hot Snakes
  One Little Indian
   Bubblegum Crisis
  The Bucky Rage
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