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Ben's 2009 favourites...
The Saturday Shakedown
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   I Found A Peanut
  Kid Congo Powers
  In the Red
   Standing at the Station
  Ty Segall
   Cell Mates
  Mariachi El Bronx
   Fifty Gallon Drum
  Dead Elvis and his One Man Grave
   Good Suits and Fightin Boots
  The Bonnevilles
  Motor Sound
   Queen of the BBQ
  The Hickoids
   Milk Cow Blues
  Sub Pop
   Today Tomorrow and Forever
  Pete Molinari
  Damaged Goods
   Diamond Boys
  Smith Westerns
   Invisible Girl
  King Khan and BBQ
  In the Red
   Lord Keep Me Sanctified
  Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and the Southern Aces
  Big Legal Mess
   The World's My Toilet
  The Jackhammers
   Enemy Destruct
  Thee Oh Sees
  In the Red
   Descending Shadows
  The Rats
   Bye Bye Baby Blues
  Little Hat Jones
   Girly Girly Girly
  The White Wires
  Ging Gaga
   Break It
  The Reigning Sound
  In the Red
   Laughing is Contagious
  The Fresh and Onlys
  Trouble In Mind
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