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Get Off The Air!
The Saturday Shakedown
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  Fu Manchu
   Lookin' For My Baby
  The Nightriders
  Sue Inc
   John Barleycorn
  The Bassholes
  Dead Canary
   Mini, mini, mini
  Jacques Dutronc
  Disques Vogue
Alextronic's Guest Mix: GET OFF THE AIR!
  Abner Jay
   Cold Blooded Old Times
   Parachute Woman
  The Rolling Stones
   Interview with Chain and the Gang
  Chain and the Gang
   Juicy, Juicy, Juice
  Royal Trux
   Pipe Down
   Summer Fun
  Wipe Out
   Ca Plane Pour Moi
  Plastic Bertrand
   Get Off The Air
  Angry Samoans
  Bad Trip
   Velvet Underground
  Jonathan Richman
   Animal Party
  King Khan and BBQ
  Fat Possum
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