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Rip It Up
The Saturday Shakedown
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  Link Wray
  The Music Machine
  Big Beat
   She Said
  Rolling Stones
   Do The Wurst
  King Salami
  Dirty Water
   Your Baby's Gone Surfing
  Duane Eddy
   Shot Down
  The Mummies
   Rip It Up
  Elvis Presley
   Liar Liar
  the castaways
   Leave My Kitten Alone
  Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs
   Down Mit Der Fuzz
  Thee Cormans
  In the Red
   What's Inside A Girl?
  The Cramps
   I've Got a Tiger By The Tail
  Buck Owens
   Private Party
  The Nightingales
   My Dear Watson
  The Headcoats
  Damaged Goods
   Road Runner
  Bo Diddley
   Shakin' Rock and Roll Tonight
  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
   Animal Party
  King Khan and BBQ
  Fat Possum
   Hanging on the Telephone
  Davila 666
  I Hate Rock and Roll
   Mini Mini Mini
  Jacques Dutronc
   Dirty Water
  The Standells
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