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The Saturday Shakedown
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  Rocket From The Crypt
   Walk Among The Cobras (Pt 1)
  Dan Sartain
  One Little Indian
   Lie To Me
  The Number Ones
  Static Shock
   Sheena Is A Puk Rocker
   My Love Is Real
  Chlde Bevers
   Rusty Hook
  Wild Billy Childish & CTMF
  Damaged Goods
   Lost In Music
  The Fall
   Turf War
  Midnite Snaxxx
  Goodbye Boozy
   Dishin' The Dirt
  The Thanes
  Dirty Water
   Stomp It
  The Raunch Hands
   The Third Rail
  The Woggles
   Building Burning (re-ed)
   Russian Spy
  The Vultures
  La Vida Es En Mus
   I Wanna Do Everything To You
  The Quadrajets
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   Your Problem Now
  The Jackhammers
  No Front Teeth
   The Sound Of Young America
  Nation Of Ulysses
   Too Many Creeps
  Bush Tetras
   Captain Infinity
  Zen Guerrilla
  Sub Pop
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