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with The Fnords in the studio
The Saturday Shakedown
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  The Scientists
   Detriot 442
   Me and JG Ballard
  Dan Melchior's Broke Revue
  In the Red
   Needle In A Haystack
  The Velvelettes
  Tamla Motown
   Night of the Vampire
  The Moontrekkers
   Baby Doll
  Horror Deluxe
  White Label
  The Primitives
  Lazy Recordings/RCA
   The Day My Body Vaporized
  Radio X
   Call Me Lightning
  The Who
   The Shadow Under the Door
  The Fnords
  White Label
   Pop A Wheelie
  The Budget Girls
  Damaged Goods
   Jimmy Jimmy
  The Undertones
   Rocker Slut Suprerstar
  Larry Dirty
  Flying Bomb
   New Face In Hell
  The Fall
   Got to Get Out of Here
  The Dancing Bears
  Big Noise
   Social End Product
  The Blue Stars
  Allied International
  The Drags
  One Louder
   Tango in Mono
   Roller Derby Queen
  The Distractors
  Big Neck
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