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Teenage Rebel
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Alternative Title
  The Monkees
   Prescription Vision
  Mrs Magician
   Rather be your lover
  The Western Front // Toody
   Vietnamese Baby
  New York Dolls
   Viet Nam War Blues
  Touch and Go
   Teenage Rebel
  Annihilation Time
   Besa Me Mucho
  Dan Sartain
   Rip Off
   Electric Arc
  Man or Astro Man
   They Told Me Too
  Ty Segall
  Drag City
   Know Your Name
  A Feast Of Snakes
  In the Red
   I Can Destroy All Your Love
  Thee Headcoats
  Damaged Goods
   Booty Call
  Demolition Doll Rods
   Is It All Right
  Mikal Cronin
  Trouble In Mind
   Ouija Board
  Heavy Times
   Your Eyes
  The Mono Men
   Lorna Doom
  Rocket From The Crypt
   you Really Got Me
  The Kinks
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