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Lookey Dookey
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Jumpin' Jack Flash
  The Rolling Stones
   Girly Girly Girly
  The White Wires
  Going Gaga
   La Gloria
  The Night Marchers
   Fly In The Coffin
  The Porch Ghouls
   Lookey Dookey
  King Coleman
  Rhythm and Blooz
   My Confusion
  The Elite
   Stronger Than Dirt
  The Mummies
   None Left
  Raw Prawn
   Sir William Wray
  The Fall
  Cherry Red
   Elevator Operator
  The Rays
  New Atlantis
   Friday Night
  Spider Bags
   Power to the PPL
  The Traditional Fools
  Goodbye Boozy
   Got To Have Your Lovin
  Oscar and the Majestics
  Teenage Shutdown
   Too Many People
  Dead Moon
  The Belairs
  The Hot Snakes
   All Kindsa Girls
  The Real Kids
   Despicable Things
  Mrs Magician
   Keep On Movin
  King Tuff
  Sub Pop
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.