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South Mouth w/Derek Sexton
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Come Back Jonee
   Two Headed Dog
  Roky Erickson & The Aliens
  Cherry Red
   Ain't It All Amusing
   Paint It Black
  Chris Farlowe
   I Just Can't Help but Stare
  Gallon Drunk
  Clouds Hill
   The Dim Locator
  The Birthday Party
   South Mouth
  The Jesus Lizard
  Touch and Go
   Winn Coma
  Boss Hog
   Fire of Love
  The Gun Club
  Creeping Ritual
   Jeffrey Lee Pierce
   Murdering Train Track Blues
  The Hunches
  In the Red
   Lights Out
  Angry Samoans
   Fear of the City
  This Close
  Our Future
   Sweet Mutation
  New Gods
   White Elephant
  Volcano Suns
   Three Quarters
  White Hills
  Thrill Jockey
  Spacemen 3
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