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bboi Presents: Self Improvement
chat // funk // soul // rnb // rap

Ever feel like things just aren't going your way? Constantly letting yourself and the people you care about down? Like there's more you could do about that damn ache that comes and goes and the stuff you'd like to change about yourself. Wanting to let people know you really feel more often, get a handle on things, not mess up. Listen to the sound of my voice, I can hel... Nah, I'm f'cking with you. Just listen in and I'll let you know how I've been feeling lately, what've been up to and listening to recently and just talk about stuff.

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Sour boiZ III : The Tapache Experience
29/06/2018 // Sour boiZ III : The Tapache Experience

We're back, there's new stuff to try out. Listen to us Gulp

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