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Searching for Soul
funk // soul // dance // disco // northernsoul

Heart pounding soul music should not be limited to any audience. This station is here to provide you with soul music that has been raising pulses across the UK for over 40 years. I want to bring to you more obscure soul music, as well as a variety of disco,jazz,funk and popular soul music. The show will stretch from the earliest blue beat sounds that helped formulate the Northern Soul scene, right through to the 1990's disco revival soul music that helped keep the under pulse running in the rave scene. Searching for soul musically can be just as difficult as all the other synonyms surrounding that word. This show will make it a bit easier to get your dance kick. Keep the faith!

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28/07/2017 // End of the Beginning

We have finally reached our final show.

It has been great fun going through the twists and turns of the Northern Soul scene, disco music, and eventually venturing into the later 1990s soul scene.

Join me at 9am for this 2 hour finale. I will be bringing you a selection of tracks that I love and of ones that I have never played before.


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