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Twishite: New Goon
Screen Shrapnel
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   Jerusalem (Out of the Darkness Comes Light)
The Coen brothers, perhaps the finest filmmakers working in America, bring their usual mix of misanthropy and comedy to their most personal film to date, A Serious Man…seriously funny
   Weak and Powerless
  A Perfect Circle
Screen Shrapnel continue their countdown of the greatest films of the decade with the films of 2004
   Six Pack
  Black Flag
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Rakish vampire with lovely hair or ripped werewolf with a twelve pack? It’s a tough one, but one of the Shrapnel members states whose corner he’s in. This is Twilight: New Moon, the sophomore film from the Twishite saga, which is about to become the highest grossing vampire film of all time…seriously?
   Teen Angst
The French: they may cheat in international football matches, but they know a thing or two about great cinema and the GFT are celebrating these cheese munching cineastes with their perennial French Film Festival. The Shrapnel team caught one of the jewels in the programme’s crown, prison epic Au Prophete, a prize winner at Cannes and The LFF…seriously good!
The Shrapnel team reveal their films of 2005
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