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Screen Shrapnel
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Welcome, good people, to the most significant audio event since that chubby scamp Orson Welles terrified America with his War of the Worlds broadcast: Screen Shrapnel. Growing, like a deformed phoenix, from burning ticket stubs for 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen' and 'Terminator Salvations', the team at Screen Shrapnel will guide you through the murky, and sometimes smelly, waters that are Glasgow’s film scene. We’ll treat you to recommendations and reviews of local cinematic events, give our thoughts on the latest art-house and mainstream releases, and each week we'll reveal iconoclastic revisions of the films that should be on your DVD shelves but aren’t. Don’t expect sycophantic outpourings or empty platitudes, only cold hard criticism and some cheeky banter. These are the piercing sound fragments of Screen Shrapnel, prepare to be under whelmed.

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The discrete charms of a bourgeois radio show
12/03/2011 // Screen Shambles

On today’s Screen Shrapnel we discuss the latest cinematic appropriation of a Philip K. Dick novella. How appropriate, then, that the structure of the show follows the Philip K. Dick formula: namely, things appears mind numbingly normal until some all knowing force reveals to us that the whole show has in-fact been a sham(bles). That omnipotent force is our regular (and perhaps only) listener, Matt Lloyd. Cheers for the blue pill / facebook post. The good thing is we can now blame our poor broadcasting skills on the mysterious men in fedoras who pull life’s strings in the Adjustment Bureau.

Also shambling through their lives, teetering on the edge of despair, is the well heeled family at the heart of Joanna Hogg’s second feature, Archipelago. Helen found sympathy in this disintegrating clan of toffs; Jamie loved watching them suffer.

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