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The Night Caggy Turned Up
Subcity Sci-Fi News: 2038
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   Oops (Hudmo remix)
   Come Get It
  Hudson Mohawke
   Also Sprach Zarutha
  Richard Strauss
   Man Machine
   Damn Girl (Gant Man remix)
  Kid Sister
  Fool's Gold
   The Model
   Patrick Ewing
  Rustie // 215 the Freshest Kids
   Beach Party 2
  marcus rafferty
  pookies 8bit nose
  Mr Oizo
  Ed Banger
   In Yr Underwear
  fox n wolf
   Patrick 122
  Mr Oizo
  Ed Banger
   Follow your Heart (alter-8 remix)
  Inner City
   Popper (Shinichi remix)
  christopher just // raphael just
   Pussy Weep Love Juice
   Stick Finger Funk
  friends lovers and family
   We Have Sex
  Mary and Mongo
   I C Booty
  DJ Nasty
  Motor City Electro Company
   Quin's Bones
  Siobhan Wilson
  My Major Company
   JB Trax
  DJ Funk
   Jump Up
  DJ Funk
Ghetto Scientist mad synths
Shout out to Gemma who is 100 words into an essay on Russian women
That tune on before us by Ele's boyfriend Kyle is amazing, you all should listen to Ladyboy Disco
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