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Subcity Sci-Fi News: 2038
comedy // news // scifi // techno // electro

Do not adjust your Internets! We control the horizontal and the vertical and the sideways. Greetings from the future! The most learned professors from Subcity Sci-Fi are solving the 4-dimensional time sudoku every week to give you your news from a 2038AD perspective. On a weekly basis we shall be tearing the fabric of time asunder using the HUB building as a time reflector to transmit our sci-fi infused news musings into the Subcity studio. Just watch out for the random time vortex in the Green Room. Find out how current events impact on the future. Was global warming a lie? Who wins the 2008 USA presidential race? Is bangin' techno what people listen to in the future? Or is booty house what the kids in space shake their asses to? Find out by tuning your primitive Internet radio to www.subcity.org. And since we're from the future we give the best stock tips on Subcity Radio. Due to the global treble shortage, Subcity Sci-Fi is committed to being a treble neutral show.

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Subcity Sci-Fi: The Musical
19/03/2009 // Subcity Sci-Fi: The Musical

Hello! Welcome to Subcity Sci-Fi. For this week's episode we are doing Subcity Sci-Fi: The Musical to celebrate 4 weeks of Subcity FM and the online relaunch. Expect lots of sci-fi in jokes, music to match the scenes and other things like that. Also we will be playing DJ Assault's tribute to Subcity Sci-Fi, Outer Space Booty.

Note: DJ Assault and The Ghetto Scientist will be playing the Subcity End of FM Party this Friday at the secret location. Get your tickets from the SRC office and Rub-a-Dub Records on Howard Street, just off St. Enoch Square. Meet at The Ivy on Argyle St. between 9:30pm and 11:30pm for buses to the secret location. It will be booty-tastic!

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