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Students for Scarves and Charm
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   Love Out Of Lust
  Lykke Li
  Asobi Seksu
   Date It
  Golden Grrrls
  Rough Trade
   No Fun
  Brave Irene
Feature: Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook
   Highschool Stalker
  Hello Saferide
End of Feature
   Funny Inside
  Happy Happy Birthday To Me
   Sky Is Falling
  Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Feature: Unsigned Act
   Land and Sea
  Alison Eales
   Overblown Gestures (The Just Joans cover)
  Alison Eales
End of Feature
   Forget That You're Young
  The Raveonettes
   Crying Shame
  The Blanche Hudson Weekend
   Holiday Gone Well
  The Aislers Set
   Happy When It Rains
  The Jesus And Mary Chain
  Blanco Y Negro
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