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Students for Scarves and Charm
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   Jake Ryan
  Summer Camp
  Moshi Moshi
   Blangee Blee
  Land of Talk
  Saddle Creek
   My Love Will Not Let You Down
  Eux Autres
  Where It's At Is Where You Are
   Boy Racer (Baby's A)
  The Just Joans
Unsigned Act feature
   The Red Sea
  Golden Grrrls
   New Popzzz
  Golden Grrrls
end of feature
   That's How It Goes
  The Breakaways
   Steady Boyfriend
  April Young
   Euston Station
  Betty and the Werewolves
  Rough Trade
   Tape Song
  Best Friends Forever
   Davey Crockett
  Thee Headcoatees
  Damaged Goods
   Egyptian Shumba
  The Tammys
   Add It Up
  Violent Femmes
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