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indie // postpunk // experimental // alternative // new

Showcasing the best in new, cutting edge music, as well as some old indie favourites chucked in for a bit of familiarity. With regular special guests and live performances, a weekly 'what's happening in Glasgow' and a whole lot of laughs.. If you love music, you'll love tuning into Sandradio.

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That time The Twilight Sad came in for a good chat
03/11/2010 // That time The Twilight Sad came in for a good chat

This Weds we've got half the fools (and that's me being polite) from The Twilight Sad (Fatcat Records) coming on the show for chats, questionable tunes (alongside my excellent selection), big laughs and some rappin' (it's their new thing).. do tune in!

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