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Chapter Five
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   Believe (Bump & Flex Club Mix)
   Swing City Renegade
   Baby (Gruve Mix)
   Whatcha Gonna Do (Remix)
  unknown artist
  White Label
   Abandon Me (Vocal Mix)
  Dexta Rico // Dubaholics
  Old London
   Standard Hoodlum Issue (Z Bias Mix 1)
  E.S. Dubs
  Social Circles
   Deep Inside
  Strictly Rhythm
   Share The Love
  Fruity Loops
  White Label
   R U Sleeping (Bump & Flex Vocal)
   Pop No Style
  Urban Myths // Tiny
  Nice N Ripe
   Nobody Better (Dem 2's Luv Unlimited Mix)
  Tina Moore
   Lost In Vegas
  Some Treat
   Love Bug
  Ramsey & Fen // Lynsey Moore
   I'll Take You There
  Back 2 Front
   Sunshine (Wookie Main Mix)
  White Label
   Without You (Dubwize Mix)
  Urban Myths
  Urban Myths
   Crazy Love
  MJ Cole
  Talkin Loud
   Relax (Bump & Flex Flava Groove)
  Full Frequency Range
   Trippin' (Original Mix)
  Oris Jay // Delsena
   Stand and Deliver (4 To The Floor Mix)
  The Wideboys
  Social Circles
   Falling In Love
  Urban Myths
  Urban Myths
   I Need Your Love (MJ Cole Mix)
  Dub Syndicate
  Unit Five
   It's Love
  Ed Case // Filo ‎
  Sure Shot
   R U Ready (Vocal Mix)
  Master Stepz // Richie Dan
   Deep, Sweet, Love (2 Step Jazz Mix)
  Underground Solution
  Sound of Underground London
   You're Mine (Zed Bias Vocal Mix)
  Suburban Lick
  Locked on
   We're Ready (4x4 Remix)
  East Connection
  White Label
  Social Circles
   It's Ok To Creep
  Grime Street
  White Label
   Got Myself Together (DND Remix)
  Dom Perignon // Dynamite ‎
  DND Productions ‎
  Trick Or Treat
  White Label
   Give U More
  Dizzee Rascal // D Double E
   The Morgue (2005 Remix)
  White Label
   No Retreat
  Maxsta // Boothroyd // Maniac
   Pulse X
  White Label
   Murkle Man (Instrumental Remix)
  Outlaw Breaks
  Left Records
  Dizzee Rascal
  Dirtee Stank
  White Label
   Another Homicide (Vox)
  Raw As F**k
  White Label
   It's A Dream (Original Mix)
  Mark "Ruff" Ryder
  Strictly Underground
  DJ Milktray
  Astral Black
   Heartbroken (Extended Mix)
  T2 // Jodie Aysha
  Bull & Butcher
  Social Circles
   Quits (2-Step Mix)
   3:33 VIP
  White Label
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