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   cry to me
  loletta Holloway
   things that dreams are made of
  The League Unlimited Orchestra
   midas touch (bedmo re-edit)
  Midnight Star
   trident (arcadion rmx)
  Prince Fingers
  Bang Gang 12"s
   rue de rome (original mix)
   so hot (old skool mix)
  The Miracles Club
   east side good lovin'
  Rudy's Midnight Machie
  Faze Action Records
   eurodancer (azari & III rmx)
  Mano Le Tough
  Franco Bolli
   the red kiss (magician rmx)
  The Aikiu
   the twist
  Peter & The Magician
   the sound is good
  Spicy US
   automatic man (extended mix)
  Michael Sembello
  Warner Bros.
   tombĂ© pour la france (version maximum)
  Etienne Daho
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