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Roots, Rock, Reggae
soul // rhythmandblues // rocknroll // reggae // motown

Start the week off right with some of the best in early popular music. Tune in as Callum Mackay brings you everything from rockabilly to the golden age of Motown Records to reggae. Some call it 'oldies', but I just call it good music. No sound will be left unexplored. If it's old and it's good, chances are you can hear it here. If you're listening live, contact the studio at any time during the show by e-mailing [email protected], or text "Subcity" and your message to 07766 40 41 42. Any questions, comments, or requests for future episodes, feel free to email me directly any time at rootsrockreggae20[email protected]

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Covers That Got It Right
17/05/2010 // Covers That Got It Right

Cover songs are a part of music. Most of the time we hear a cover version of an already very good song and afterwards we wish we hadn't. But every so often, an artist comes along that does the song justice and delivers a version of a song that is just as good, if not better than the original. Tune into this episode to hear a selection of some of the cover versions that got it very, very right.

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