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Rock n Roll Meltdown
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   i'm not like everybody else
  The Kinks
   red house
  The Jimi Hendrix Experience
   i'm a man
  The Yardbirds
   the mad daddy
  The Cramps
   blast off!
  The Monks
   makin' time
  The Creation
   star star
  The Rolling Stones
   baby, please don't go
   barbies dead
  UK Subs
   try it again
  The Hives
   i got a line on you
   route 66
  The Visions
   get adicted
  The Adicts
   they were kings
  Heavy Trash
  Yep Roc
   river deep, mountain high
  Deep Purple
   cos i love you
  Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
   lil boys play with toys
  The Lords Of The New Church
  Easy Action
   the KGB (made a man out of me)
  The Barracudas
   i fall
  The Damned
   cockney kids are innocent
  Sham 69
   ain't it fun
  The Dead Boys
   to find out
  The Keggs
  The Electric Prunes
   subterranean homesick blues
  Bob Dylan
   jeannie, jeannie, jeannie
  Eddie Cochran
   real wild child
  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
   banned in D.C.
  Bad Brains
   are you a boy or are you a girl?
  The Barbarians
   mary, mary
  The Monkees
   ain't about to lose my cool
  The Original Dukes
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