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Rock n Roll Meltdown
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   school days
   can't you hear me knocking
  The Rolling Stones
   lone star queen
  The New York Dolls
   thunder beach
  Al Casey
   you need love
  Danny and the Counts
   i happen to love you
  The Electric Prunes
   creeps in a white cake
  Melt Banana
   sad but true
   train kept a-rollin'
  The Rogues
   up my sleeve
   thunderbird ESQ
  The Gories
   count back
  The Purple Underground
   the gathering of the tribe
   up in her room (long version)
  The Seeds
   the song remains the same
  Led Zeppelin
  Warner Bros.
   rich with nothing
  The Split Ends
   little doll
  The Stooges
   the forest of black
  Dirty Filthy Mud
   i can never say
  The Superfine Dandelion
   street song
  The 13th Floor Elevators
   heartbreak hotel
  Buddy Love
   i need you
  The Kinks
   i just don't know
   thumping beat
  Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
   if you won't go
  The Showstoppers
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