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Rock n Roll Meltdown
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   shake your hips
  The Rolling Stones
   down on the farm
  UK Subs
   go down
   my wife
  The Who
   dirty boots
  Sonic Youth
   for your love
  The Yardbirds
   going down
  Freddie King
   the man with all the toys
  The Variations
   i can't get you out of mind
   i'm your witchdoctor
  John Mayall and the Blues Breakers
   sunshine of your love
  Jimi Hendrix
   i ain't superstitious
  The Jeff Beck Group
   been down so long
  The Doors
   good morning little schoolgirl
  Ten Years After
   flashing lights
  Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages
   through the looking glass
  Mike Stuart Span
  Vinyl Museum
   hurry on sundown
   you gotta have soul
  Milan (The Leather Boy)
   babe, i'm gonna leave you
  The Plebs
   night flight
  Led Zeppelin
   king lonely the blue
  The Emeralds
   back from the dead
  The Adverts
   suck 'n' swallow
  The Hard-Ons
   gotta keep movin'
   don't bring me down
  The Pretty Things
  ZZ Top
  Warner Bros.
   B-I-bicky bi bo go
  Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
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