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Rock Island Line

   You Took Advantage Of Me
  Linda Ronstadt // Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra
  Warner Bros.
   Nice and Easy
  Barbara Lynn
   Blues Everywhere I Go
  RCA Victor
   Spread A Little Sunshine
  Lloyd Reese // the Lloyd Reese Singers
   Message To My Son
  Jools Holland // Solomon Burke // Eric Clapton
  The Isonics
   Nothing But A Heartache
  The Flirtations
  Silky and the Shantungs
   Pink Cadillac
  Bruce Springsteen
   Ala Carte
  James "Red" Holloway
   Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
  The Penguins
   Sacale La Miel
  Los Destellos
   Led To The Sea
  Jenny Owen Youngs
   At The Party
  Hector Rivera
   Garble Arch
  Blame Ringo
   Mini-Skirt & Go Go Boots
  Lloyd and Glen
   Sweet Ballad
  Zooey Deschanel // Munchausen By Proxy
   Now That I Love You
  Garrett Scott
   Crazy Mama
  J J Cale
  Doc Watson
   Come Pick Me Up
  Ryan Adams
   It's A Groovy World!
   Upward Over The Mountain
  Iron and Wine
  Sub Pop
   I'll Be Back
  The Opportunity Knock Please Chorus
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