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Rock Island Line
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Rock Island Line returns with a fourth season of shambolic features, whimsical musings, and abundant audiowank. After a summer scouring the city's record shops by day, and trawling the internet by night, we return with the same tunes as last year. But we're playing them in a different order! In between we'll be revisiting vintage features such as the ever popular Jesus Says No, and writing Das Kapital In The Back Of The Cab. Expect regular guests, sermons from John's soap box, and tracks from bands that don't even exist yet.

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20/09/2009 // The Midnight Feast

Tonight sees the return of the munch anticipeated gastronomic gala that is Eat To The Beat. The pearings have been confirmed for our 8-man tag team cookie crunch match and are as follows:

George 'The Gorger' Pearson and David 'Gastronomic Grey-Area' Jackson a.k.a Chew World Order
'Thin' Joe Evans and Simon 'The Pie' Bryan (from Eat Beaneath) a.k.a The Lardy Boys
Jim Wilson and Sophie Hall a.k.a Sabbstandards
and of course current tag team champignons
John 'The Stick' Burns and Jannik 'What A Mouthful' Giesekam a.k.a The Caked Crusaders

For a picture of the cookies they'll be eating hop over to our show profile where you can also feast upon a selection of past compeatitions.

Alongside the main course we'll be serving up platters from Pete Yorn, She&Him, Message To Bears and Stacy Lane. So get your best pyjamas on and sneak down to your kitchen radios at midnight tonight.

A preview of what's to come.

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