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RnB Me Up

RnB selections from Claire and Lila.

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16/05/2011 // Unnamed Episode

This mixtape is from Clair and Lila, their club night RnB Me Up was one of the only clubs in the city were girls out numbered boys 5:1, the dancefloor was always full and the grind was always complicit. A selection that makes you want to grind with your hunnies, sing-a-long with your bros and make the uggers look hella chung. Just fucking sexy music. Its the tunes you had on repeat while you got your outfit planned, or stole from your sister hoping she would never find out and tell her friends.

The reason this selection is so awesome is because these two chicks from R’n’B Me Up don’t care about doing some rewinds and needle drops like some lame taps-aff bro-step dude. Instead they make girls drop to the floor when they drop some Destiny’s Child and when they are asked by Booty Bass to “shake that ass bitches and let me see what you got� - they do it, with absolutely no qualms.

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