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Glassjaw Sweat and Death Metal 'Riff-Offs'!
Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow!
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   An Understanding
  Black Channels
   If There Was Any Wisdom Left They Would...
  Men As Trees
Off of Men As Trees 'Weltschmerz' which should be re-released soon by the hard working, DIY as fuck Hansei Records (http://www.myspace.com/hanseirecords)! So keep an eye out and support!
  Hummingbird of Death
  Unholy Thrash
   Underdog, Always
  Black Channels
   Winter, 365 Days a Year
  Gold Kids
  Dead Nation
   West Decatur
  Ethel Meserve
   Some Sort of Curse
  Black Channels
   We Stumble Pt. 2
That concludes the lame portion of the show and heralds the coming of RIFFS and DEATH METAL in our Death Metal riff off (which Charlie won).
   The Hippocritic Oath
  Wrong Again
   The Planet That Once Used To...
   Spheres of Madness
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