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Direct Action Gets The Goods
Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow!
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  Halo of Flies
   Placement Services
   Eravamo Amici, Mah
  La Quiete
   Direct Action Gets The Goods
  Cowboys Became Folk Heroes
   Dear Dead Men
  Slave Union
   Ombre E Polvere
  Action Directe
  Russian Circles
  Suicide Squeeze
   Reciting Poetry With a Mouth Full
  Moment of Collapse
   My Own Hell/Watching This World Burn
  Eating Glass
  No Idea
   Day of Reckoning
   Terminal Nation (Infestation)
  Deep Six
   Nous Marchons Encore
  Moment of Collapse
   This Song is Self Aware
  Leaving Songs
   Hand To Hand Resuscitation
  Catena Collapse
  June Paik
  React With Protest
   Butterfly Effect
  The Kodan Armada
  Dead Tank
   A Spotlight
  Moment of Collapse
   Haunted By A Cyberpunk From The Past
  Moment of Collapse
   Angry Son
  Indian Summer
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