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Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow!
hardcore // diy // screamo // powerviolence // crust

Round 2 y'all! Four weedy apathetic slackers with a passion for aggressive music playing pretentious screamo, elitist hardcore, rinsing grindcore and anything else vaguely resembling a 'racket'. Expect chat to switch from the virtues of european screamo as opposed to US screamo, the trials and tribulations of 'staying posi' and the importance of being a bro in the 21st century. And hunners of puns.

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No News is Good News
20/03/2011 // So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed

And some news is bad news..

Anyway, the bad news is that tonight we are back with lots of blogworthy screamo nonsense. Just Alex and I tonight...

So aye, 8pm. Get locked in.


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