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postpunk // folk // rave // artrock // nuwave

Viva la revolución y la música. Explore the music of revolutions of the past and present, the way it changed how we look at past & present events, and how it relates to cultural and societal change as a catalyst and method of unification. Revolución aims to discuss the relationship between music and revolution in an ever-evolving political and philosophical sphere. Music brings togetherness brings Revolución.

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   09:00 - 10:00
   Mon, 03/02/2020
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Episode 8: Music for the animals
20/01/2020 // Episode 8: Music for the animals

hey there! we're back again for this week's revolucion, where we'll be talking a little bit about animals, nonviolence, just being kind to others in general and the music that inspires us to do that. there'll be some folk classics to post-punk bangers to get your monday morning started. animals can be victims too! enjoy :)

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