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postpunk // folk // rave // artrock // nuwave

Viva la revolución y la música. Explore the music of revolutions of the past and present, the way it changed how we look at past & present events, and how it relates to cultural and societal change as a catalyst and method of unification. Revolución aims to discuss the relationship between music and revolution in an ever-evolving political and philosophical sphere. Music brings togetherness brings Revolución.

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Episode 11: Get together for the end of the world
16/03/2020 // Episode 11: Get together for the end of the world

hey! this'll probably be our last show for a while as we hunker down for covid kenny. We decided to play you a little acoustic set instead of plain old music because we love you very much. listen in for some supercloud songs, solo stuff and everything else. be safe, wash your hands, take care of your loved ones, enjoy :)

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