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Get Three Coffins Ready
The Red Room
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   The Jinx
  The Bill Wells Octet
  Loathsome Reels
   Turn of the Century
  Royal Trux
  Drag City
  From a Stolen Sea
   Fire and Theft
  Adam Stafford
  Wise Blood Industries
   Couleur Cafe
  Serge Gainsbourg
   Scooter + Jinx
  Sonic Youth
   Security of the First World
  Public Enemy
  Def Jam
   Theme from Buzz
  50 Htz // Future Pilot AKA
  Nick Drake
   Folk Singer
  Brendan Benson
  Star Time
   Sweet Road
  Animal Collective
  Fat Cat
   What I Saw
  Broadcast // The Focus Group
   Freak Scene
  Dinosaur Jr
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