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The Red Room
underground // glasgow // music // nothing // conversations

The Red Room is a show featuring underground music and conversations about nothing, hosted by Glasgow-based creative-types Thom and Jenny, broadcasting live every fortnightly Thursday, 6-8pm. fb.com/redroomsubcity twitter.com/redroomradio redroomradio.tumblr.com

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The Bucolic Splendour of Scotland
30/05/2013 // The Bucolic Splendour of Scotland

This week, we discussed the anarchic qualities of the countryside, questioned the point of bottled water, and debated on who would win in a war between the dogs and the cats. We also discussed Thom's dislike of sugar-free soft drinks, Jenny's love of hillwalking, and our collective experiences involving our own doppelgängers.

We discussed our love of Greencity Wholefoods Trail Mix™, our dislike of having first-names on drinks containers, and recounted our trip up Windy Hill in Muirshiel Country Park. We also discussed our personal boycott of the vile G1 Group, ranted about how much Netflix sucks, and stated our opposing opinions on the existence of germs.

Our referendum roundup included discussions on our dislike of narrow-minded British nationalism, the bafflingly pejorative use of the word "foreigner" by unionists, and deplorable bawbag Nigel Farage's visit to Edinburgh, as well as Westminster's paralysing fear of losing Scotland's oil and the beautiful possibility of a written constitution.

We reviewed the films Häxan, Mon Oncle, Trekkies, What Lies Beneath, Signs, Sweet Sixteen, and The Great Gatsby, as well as Trembling Bell's recent show at Nice 'n' Sleazy, and The Besnard Lakes' recent show at Stereo.

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