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Striker Lee meets Studio One
Red Light Reggae
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   Shame and Pride
  Leroy Smart
  Striker Lee
   Deliver Me From My Enemies
  Yabby You
  Blood & Fire
   Better Must Come
  Delroy Wilson
  Striker Lee
   Every Knee Must Bow
  U Roy
  Striker Lee
   Flashing My Whip
  U Roy
  Treasure Isle
   Pablo's Desire
  Augustus pablo
  Lord Koos
   Never Let Go
  Carlton & The Shoes
  Studio One
   Festival 10
  Derrick Morgan
   I'll Give It To You
  The Tonettes
  Studio One
   I'll Let You Go Boy
  Dawn Penn
  Striker Lee
   Ride On Girl
  Johnny Clarke
  Striker Lee
   None Shall Escape
  Johnny Clarke
  Striker Lee
   Creation Rebel
  Johnny Clarke
  Striker Lee
   Life Is Better When You Smile
  OJah // Hada Guldris
   Isn't Time To See
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