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Numero tres
Red Light Reggae
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   Poison Flour
  Dr. Alimentado
   Cold Weather
  The Upsetters
   You're Running
  Raphie Arenas
  Log On
  Parvez Aka The Dub Factory
  Sir Runnin'
   You Don't Know
  Bob Andy
  Green Door
   Way Out Rockers
  Augustus pablo
   Roots of Dub
  King Tubby
   Don't Mash Up Creation
  Sharon Little
  1 Love
   Bamboo Circus
  Ash Walker // Segilola
  Deep Heads
   True Confession
  The Silvertones
   I'm Just a Girl
  Hortense Ellis
  Soul Jazz
   Fade Away
  Junior Byles
   Paul Blackman
  Earth, Wind & Fire // Augustus pablo
  Daddy Kool
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