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George Burton's Record Session
motown // rock // beat // psychedelic // mod

When I was at school, we used to get together in each others houses, bringing along all our latest records which were either bought, borrowed or nicked! It was a case of bringing something to play to your mates that you thought they would love. I've never forgotten those sessions and I picked up on a huge amount of music that otherwise would just have passed me by. Each week I aim to have a guest along who will bring some records for us all to hear and tell us why they picked them. Anything goes. Look out for regular features like "A Side B Side" and "The Word on the Street". Meantime I will bring in a wide selection of material from my library which I've been building since the old days of the original record sessions - it's music from everywhere and for everyone!

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There's a Madrigirl on the show today!
14/04/2009 // Unnamed Episode

My guest today is Madrigirl Katy Cooper. Katy will be giving us a rundown on some of her favourite records and telling us why she picked a Van Morrison track...and it's not because of Mr Grumpy Van Morrison! Tune in at two today or hit the listen again link when it's available to find out why!

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