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Ready, Unsteady, Go.
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   Drunk Girls (London Session)
  LCD Soundsystem
   Freeman Town
   Natural One
  The Folk Implosion
   Le Merchant de Bonheur
  Dario Moreno
   Calico Pie
  Natalie Merchant
   Change Clothes
  Jay-Z // Dangermouse
   Can You Get To That
High Fives - The Devil
   Cross Road Blues (Alt. Version - Take 2)
  Robert Johnson
   The Song Of Drowning Men
  Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side
   Bring Me Some Water
  Melissa Etheridge
   Runnin' With The Devil
  Van Halen
  Warner Bros.
End of High Fives
   Brand New Key
   Buffalo Stance
  Neneh Cherry
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