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The Sea
Ready, Unsteady, Go.
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   Night Bird Flying
  Jimi Hendrix
   Bustin' Surfboards
  The Tornadoes
  GNP Crescendo
  Sub Pop
   NY State Of Mind
   Pull Up To The Bumper
  Grace Jones
High Fives - The Sea
   The Tide Is High
  The Paragons
   La Mer
  Charles Trenet
  Le Chant Du Monde
   The Anchor Song
  One Little Indian
   Mrs McGrath
  Bruce Springsteen
   Beyond The Sea
  Bobby Darin
End Of High Fives
   Take The 'A' Train
  Duke Ellington
  Castle Pie
   Love Rollercoaster
  The Ohio Players
   Rock Show
   Solitary Man
  Johnny Cash
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