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Ready, Unsteady, Go.
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   Momma Said Knock You Out
  B A Baracuss Band
   Alice Practise
  Crystal Castles
  One Little Indian
   Sleepyhead (Serene Machine)
  Ed Kuepper
   Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri
  Mareamu George Mukabi
High Fives! Covers in a different language
   Norwegian Wood
   Rock El Casbah
  Rachid Taha
   Rebel Rebel
  Seu Jorge
   Bang Bang (shallis edit)
  Betty Chung
   Stick I Vag Jack
  Monica Zetterlund
End of High Fives
   Down Boy
  Yeah Yeah Yeahs
   I Like The Way You Move
   Mediocrity Rules
  Twist Oliver, Twist!
   Face To Face
  Daft Punk
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