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Bonus rave classics show
Rave Diggers
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   My House (Acapella)
  Rhythm Controll
  Catch A Beat
   Strings of Life
  Rhythim Is Rhythim
   Move Your Body (Original Version)
  Marshall Jefferson
   A Day In The Life
  Black Riot
   Can You Feel It (In House Dub)
  Underground Music Movement
   Elektric Dance (Hitman's House Mix)
  Jungle Crew // Jungle Jorge
  Elektro Sounds
   Mentasm (Original Mix)
  Second Phase
   Roll It Up (Bass Kickin Beats)
  Success - N - Effect
   I Like It (Blow Out Dub)
  Big Shot
   Piano Tune
  Good Looking
   I Feel This Way
  Rachel Wallace
  Suburban Bass
   Got To Believe
  Ramos + Supreme + Sunset Regime
   Your Love (remix)
  The Prodigy
  Johnny Jungle
  Suburban Bass
  2 Bad Mice
  moving shadow
   DJs Take Control
   Hasta La Vista
   Keep The Fire Burning
  The House Crew
  Production House
   Activ 8 (Hardcore Holocaust Mix)
  Altern 8
   Don't Go (Kick's Like A Mule Mix)
  Awesome 3
  City Beat
   Sweet Harmony
   Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)
  Bizarre Inc
  Vinyl Solution
   I Want You Forever (full on mix)
  carl cox
   Breakbeat Pressure
   Want You Now (DJ SS remix)
  Suburban Bass
   Warp Drive
  DJ Crystl
  Dee Jay
   The Shadow (Process Mix)
  Dom* & Rob* & Goldie
  moving shadow
   Just Wanna Hold U Tight
  DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  Slammin Vinyl
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